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Dear Affiliate / Joint Venture Partner

Welcome to eHealthy Eating For Children.com’s affiliates page. My name is Steven Bolton and I’m the founder and owner of eHealthy Eating For Children.com. I would like to thank you for reviewing this opportunity and would love to have you as a partner, to the mutual benefit of both ourselves and our customers.

Do you have a website or otherwise publish online? Do you think your visitors would be interested in improving their knowledge of nutrition? Maybe you are an on-line marketer thinking of a new campaign and you would like a top-quality product to promote, one with a good conversion rate and with integrity? You will benefit from becoming an affiliate of eHealthy Eating for Children. You will make 70% commission on every ebook sale you make through your affiliate link.

Affiliate programmes are web-based referral systems in which you can promote my product to others, send them to my website at eHealthy Eating For Children.com via an individually coded affiliate link, and you receive a 70% commission when they buy the product. When you sign up for my affiliate program, you are authorized to promote my 'Healthy Eating For Children' ebook.

What Do Customers Get

Customers get the 'Healthy Eating For Children' ebook and the 3 bonus books mentioned on the Home page. The 'Healthy Eating For Children' ebook contains over 160 pages of valuable information explaining top level nutritional information in easy to understand language. Whilst primarily targeted towards children's nutrition, the ebook will also prove valuable to adults seeking to improve their nutritional education generally.

Why Promote The 'Healthy Eating For Children' ebook

By promoting Healthy Eating For Children you will deliver a top quality product to your customers and greatly improve their nutritional education. You will receive a whopping 70% commission and will have access to our specially prepared banners to display on your webpage.

How To Get Started As An Affiliate

The affiliate programme is offered via ClickBank.com, which is the leader in digital sales and affiliate processing. Joining is totally free.

Step 1:

New to ClickBank.com? Join Here For Free and begin earning income by selling 'Healthy Eating For Children' for a 70% commission per sale.

Step 2:

Create your unique ClickBank affiliate Hop Link. For instructions on creating your Hop Link see ClickBank's Official FAQ

Step 3:

Send people to buy 'Healthy Eating For Children' via your affiliate link and Clickbank.com will do the rest. They will handle the sale and distribute the proceeds between the Vendor (Product Owner) and the Affiliate (You).

With this product you receive a whopping 70% of the sale price.

Every 2 weeks Clickbank.com sends you a check in the sum of the commissions you have earned or credits your bank account via a bank transfer.


Please see below a selection of banners for you to use. Simply copy and paste the code under your preferred banner into your webpage and the banner will be displayed, and when your visitors click on the banner they will be directed to the home page of eHealthyEatingForChildren.com. You will need to replace xxxx with your ClickBank Affiliate ID.

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